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Becky & David have quite a love story. It was basically love at first sight...after a year of tremendous patience (and a tiiiiiny bit of internet stalking) from David, of course. But, once these two finally connected, all the pieces came together perfectly. They are clearly meant-to-be and share a very special love. When we meet with our couples prior to their weddings, we always ask them what words they'd use to describe what they want the experience of their wedding day to be. Becky & David's choices were deliberate and really stood out to us: "warm, relaxed, spiritual, and gratitude." Well, check, check, check, and CHECK. They wanted to share the spotlight with their guests to thank them for the role they've played in their lives, and so in lieu of clinking glasses, guests who wanted to see the newlyweds kiss needed to step up to the open mic and perform a number for the crowd!  It truly was a day filled with love and laughter - it was beautiful, and we are thrilled to have been a part of it. 

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