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Christina & Chris share a love that is fun, sweet, and oh-so genuine (I mean just LOOK at Chris' face when he saw Christina coming down the aisle)! We just absolutely love seeing a bride and groom as excited as they both were for this day to arrive! They couldn't wait to meet each other at the front of the church and start their new life. There were many tears shed throughout their entire ceremony, and we just knew that we were witnessing something strong and real. We got to be part of something extra special once the ceremony ended and we made a quick run to Gillette so Chris & Christina could rock their custom wedding date Patriots jerseys in "their spot" before heading to the reception. It was an amazing time from start to finish, and it couldn't be stopped by the notoriously fickle New England weather or tight timelines. They made it everything they wanted it to be, and we were happy to be along for the ride! Congratulations, again, to Mr. and Mrs. Bates!


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