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Jaime & Anthony are a special couple with a one-in-a-million kind of love. They met in kindergarten and have literally grown up together. While their romantic relationship didn't start that young, once it began, there was no stopping them. As an active member of the military, Anthony's deployment kept them worlds apart--but they are clearly stronger because of it. They got married in a small ceremony in her mother's living room so they could be together for as long as possible, and so this day was their chance to finally get the suit-and-dress wedding they had been dreaming of for their first year and a half of marriage! They gathered all their family and friends together and had a BLAST! Their vows were absolutely beautiful and full of tears (from us, too) and their party was non-stop. These two do it right: Always have fun and appreciate every day. Congratulations to Jaime & Anthony, and thank you, both, for having us! 

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