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Sean & Glauci's wedding was packed full of love, laughter, and family. Glauci's sisters were unable to travel to the wedding, but spent the entire day on FaceTime so they wouldn't miss a beat. They were brought into the action all day long, and even had a letter and gift prepared for Glauci to enjoy as she got ready to marry Sean. 

These two share a really beautiful & unique love story--which began when Sean started caring for Glauci's adorable son. Their mutual love for him has deeply woven them together and grown into a lifelong love for one another as well. ​They are a precious family of three, and it was particularly special for us to be able to capture this day and see that love on display, since just a few weeks before Sean & Glauci's wedding we found out that we are expecting our own miracle baby in the spring! 

Thank you to Sean & Glauci for welcoming us and making us feel at home amongst your family & friends! Congratulations on your precious little family, and we wish you nothing but the best things to come!

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