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Sam & Joe's wedding was the definition of a party. Their guests came ready to eat, drink, and DANCE! In addition to creating the perfect party atmosphere, Sam & Joe did an amazing job paying tribute to the people in their lives who have meant the most to them. Sam's father passed away several years ago, when she and her siblings were all still young and in school. Christina has actually known Sam's family for many years, and knew her father for his large heart and even larger smile. Sam's bouquet was one of the many subtle nods to him and his legacy that could be found throughout their wedding--and he undoubtedly would have been so happy that his daughter found such a great life partner in Joe. It was such a treat to get to shoot at a venue as beautiful as Tupper Manor and to be part of such a fun and joyful day! Thank you, Sam & Joe, for having us - we wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

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