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Victoria & Ethan's charming brunch wedding will always have a special place in our hearts--and not just because they had 15 different flavors of maple syrup available at the waffle bar. Victoria & Ethan's wedding was the very first of our career. While we are friends with Victoria's sister, we hadn't met either the bride or groom until their wedding day...and yet it only took a few minutes to feel like we had been friends for years. Every aspect of their wedding was touched by family and friends. From homemade cake pops to two of the most emotional father/daughter and mother/son dances we've ever seen, these two are clearly incredibly loved. That same love and kindness that surrounds them was extended to us by all of their guests as they welcomed and embraced us as part of the party.  We danced, we laughed, and we ate (more than) our fill of waffles. We can never thank these two enough for giving us our first shot and making it such an amazing experience!

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